Denmark's center-left government drastically limits immigration

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“But above all, the most surprising fact is the center-left's choice on immigration. A 180-degree turn initiated by its new leader, 41-year-old Mette Frederiksen.

It's simple: she has aligned herself with the recommendations of the extreme right, which have already been partly implemented in recent years. These include drastic restrictions on family reunification, stiffer penalties for immigrants who commit crimes, and the systematic use of temporary residence permits.

Want more? Seizure of migrants' valuables (including jewelry), proposed detention camps on Danish soil and "sorting camps" outside the European Union.

You're not dreaming; this is the left talking!

And it works! The Social Democrats have siphoned off a whole section of the popular electorate from the far right, which seems to be losing ground: 20% 4 years ago, forecast at 10% this time.”

Jean-Marc Four, “In Denmark, the left is tapping into the far right”, France Inter, 5/06/2019.


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