Certain future explanations of science are taking shape that run counter to materialism.

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Parent debateThis argument is used in the debate Does God exist?.
Argument againstThis argument is an objection to God is but the name of our ignorance.
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In the case of near-death experiences, for example, the most obvious scientific explanations have failed. These IMEs call for new scientific explanations: according to some, the explanation of IMEs would only be possible within a quantum framework, assuming that consciousness is non-local and immortal. This shows that future scientific explanations are not necessarily in line with materialism, and may even oppose it.



Arguments forJustifications

Arguments againstObjections

  • Argument againstSpeculative science is not real science
  • Argument againstPseudoscience uses a disguised version of quantum physics to give itself a veneer of legitimacy
  • Argument againstBefore you can explain a phenomenon, you must first prove that it exists.

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