Certain Marxist analyses are unfavorable to mass immigration

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Argument againstThis argument is a “con” argument in the debate Does being on the left necessarily mean being in favor of mass immigration?.
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“The issue of immigration marked a turning point in the traditions of the French Left. The Left has increasingly played directly into the hands of capitalism by openly supporting immigration, on the pretext of supporting immigrant workers and fighting racism.

It didn't start in 1980-1981, but the Vitry episode and George Marchais's open letter marked a turning point. It unified a large part of the Left and far Left around criticism of the PCF and its unilateral, liberal defense of immigration.

The Left then ceased to be left-wing, and became increasingly liberal in terms of values, increasingly abandoning the working class and ordinary people on economic issues.

The result today is simple. Social democracy has taken the path of the most assertive capitalism, with the likes of François Mitterrand, Lionel Jospin and François Hollande in power.

The leaders of the historical forces of the Left who do not so openly embrace capitalism, but do not reject it for all that, are above all post-modern and post-industrialists who have little to do with socialism and the working class.”


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  • Argument forImmigration is contrary to the interests of French workers and immigrants themselves.

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