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By asserting that "God doesn't exist", atheists are putting forward as much of a thesis as believers who assert that "God does exist". If I say "There are no thieves behind the door", even if my assertion is negative, I am asserting something - which requires proof, for example by opening the door to see whether there is a thief or not. Atheists claim to be "neutral" when in fact they convey a worldview that is not self-evident, implying, for example, that the laws of physics are self-formed or that energy needs no incidental cause. Their position is no more natural than that of the believer, and they are also responsible for proving their hypothesis. The only position that does not assert anything is agnosticism, which does not decide in favor or against the existence of God. .



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  • Argument againstAtheists have never claimed that the laws of physics are self-forming or that energy needs no incidental cause.
  • Argument againstTo claim that a thing has no cause, or that it is caused by a god who has no cause, is the same thing.

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